How to order an e-book as a gift (Amazon instructions)

Updated June 2019 to reflect current Amazon e-book gift instructions

Physical books are awesome as gifts (and by all means, get a physical copy of my books as a gift), but sometimes people want an e-book. This can get a bit tricky, particularly if you don’t know how they read e-books.

How to purchase an Amazon e-book as a gift

  1. screen capture of the Amazon functionality to buy an e-book as a gift.Confirm they have an Amazon Kindle or want the gift of an e-book for the Kindle system, and know their personal email address.
  2. Go to Amazon and select the Kindle version of the book.
  3. As of June 2019, select the quantity and the “Buy for Others” button on the right of the book product page and follow the instructions to add a delivery date, gift message, and email address. You can also have the gift email sent to you and you can forward it on. You will need to have one-click ordering enabled.


There are additional details on this Amazon page (see the “Purchase Kindle Book as a Gift” second section).

Any questions? Cat at Silurian Press can help ( ) with technical questions.