Friday reflections: why I write

I write to entertain. To make people laugh and encourage reflection. To take people into a world of imaginary friends and possibility.

I write for myself. I write stories that I want to read, that help me feel better about who I can be. Words and ideas that I find funny and interesting and exciting. Stories that are silly and weird. I write because I love the feeling of words coming out through my fingertips. I write because I love sentence fragments. I write because my writing is not good enough.

I write for readers and the chorus of voices in my head. So that they can see themselves and discover they are not so different from other people. To have empathy. I want my readers to feel better about themselves and who they could be. I want my words to include my readers, and not push them away. I want my writing to be accessible, using language that anyone can understand and also be exposed to new ideas.