Biography of Taylor Rush

Taylor Rush is deeply committed to eating, reading, and writing.

Growing up in Portland, Taylor spent a lot of time digging around in the woods and daydreaming with legos. After going back east for college, Taylor returned to Portland with dreams of saving the world. While this dream was not realized, Taylor became very interested in databases and organizing things. Taylor particularly enjoys organizing books, music collections, contact information, research reports, photos, and yarn. Even so, Taylor was always jotting down silly stories and eventually could not resist the siren call of writing about imaginary friends.

Taylor has no pets due to allergies, but has a dream of guinea pigs. Taylor has no tattoos due to anxiety about what future Taylor would think of present Taylor’s tattoo choice. Taylor does currently have an excellent appetite, so anxiety is being managed well.

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Want to know a secret? Taylor Rush is the pseudonym of Catriona Buhayar, who has also released a fantasy novel under her own name. Buy Of Dragons and Donkeys on Amazon or visit her (my?) website.

Former biography of lies

Taylor used the following biography when Taylor started writing, allowing Taylor to hide. This biography is mostly not true:

Taylor Rush was raised in Beaverton, Oregon and attended college at University of Washington. Upon graduation, Taylor moved to Portland, Oregon and worked in Human Resources at several large corporations in the Portland area before shifting to creative writing. Taylor enjoys writing comedic descriptions of love and friendship, with occasional forays into science fiction and fantasy.

Taylor lives with Devon and three guinea pigs. They all like to eat, socialize, and watch people. Some of Taylor’s favorite dishes include: fried orecchiette, spring rolls, flaming lava bowls, and hand pulled noodle dishes. Taylor is considering a guinea pig tattoo in 2016.

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