Best Laid Plans: a romance novel

Best Laid Plans by Taylor Rush is the second book in the Greywater Chronicles published by Silurian PressAmazon is currently the only location to purchase the e-book. Please contact Silurian Press if you have any questions.

You can order the print edition on Amazon.

Best Laid Plans is a humorous tale of good intentions and poorly made plans, with occasional moments of pathos. Samantha Queezy and Wilbur Dale are a happy couple until Sam brings up the idea of marrying for money.

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Best Laid Plans by Taylor Rush is the second book in the Greywater Chronicles published by Silurian Press.  The book is now available as an e-book on Amazon. You can order the print editions on Amazon or here.

Sometimes, it’s better not to make plans. Best Laid Plans is a romantic comedy full of laughter, tears, and love. A delightful read for summer vacation on the beach or a cabin in the woods, adults of all ages will enjoy getting to Sam and Wil.

Samantha Queezy and Wilbur Dale are madly in love. Spending as much as they can together, their lives quickly become entwined. Their blissful romance runs into complications, however, when Sam casually shares her youthful plan of marrying for money. Wil takes great pleasure in teasing Sam about her lack of ethics while slowly becoming obsessed with the idea. Their relationship begins to fray around the edges and both Sam and Wil have to decide what matters the most.

Best Laid Plans: a romance novel is a humorous exploration of good intentions and poorly made plans, with occasional moments of pathos. Return to the world and friends we met in Mistakes Were Made: a comedic romance, and laugh, cringe, and celebrate their successes.

Celebrate friends and family

Filled with unforgettable characters, including Wil’s aggravating older brother and delightful niece and Sam’s colleagues and patients at Misty Forests Recovery and Adult Living Center, you’ll love spending time in this quirky world. For each season, Sam and Wil do their best to find love and be a good friend. Sometimes it’s easier to be a friend than a lover, but they are (almost) always trying to their best.

This book is perfect for a summer afternoon or a rainy night in front of the fire. A delightful vacation read!

Firefighters are always sexy

Wil may have his shortcomings, but his heart is in the right place. Whether rescuing kittens or old ladies, Wil and his firefighting friends are always working to save us. There’s something particularly delicious about a firefighter, and Wil is an excellent example. He’s not as goofy as the men from Bridesmaids, The Wedding Singer, or There’s Something About Mary, but he’s close. Fortunately, he’ll always have to run up the stairs.

A love story in Portland

Sam works as a physical therapist at Misty Forests, which doesn’t exist in real life. Many of the other locations in Best Laid Plans do exist in Portland, Oregon, even if the books are in the future. Portland plays its own role in the romantic comedy of Best Laid Plans. Sam walks in Forest Park and admires the view from downtown buildings. The Pittock Mansion and Portland waterfront are helpful for finding true love — or at least maintaining a humorous outlook on life.

Humorous comedy with a romantic wrapper

Love may be what makes the world go around, but comedy is what helps us get out of bed in the morning. Wil and Sam don’t take themselves too seriously (usually), and miscommunications, bad ideas, and physical accidents are all part of their routine. Finding laughter and humor in goofy and ridiculous places can help everyone find love.

Multi-generational friendships

Sam and Wil value their friendships. Throughout Best Laid Plans, they both make and keep friends of all ages. These friendships help them keep their perspective and humor, and also make sure they can’t live down their most embarrassing moments.

Nerd jokes

You need not be a nerd to love the comedy or find the romance in Best Laid Plans. But if you have a soft spot for board games, particularly a good table top euro-style game, there are some sweet surprises for you. See if you can spot them all!

Celebrate summer vacation with Sam and Wil

With rafting, board games, and a trip to Hawaii, Sam and Wil take time for play and vacation. Romance doesn’t always bloom over a rafting trip or a fine meal, but sometimes Sam and Wil get lucky. And it’s always fun to dream about love. Take them on your vacation for a fun summer read.

Sam and Wil glared at each other across the dining room table. The apartment was hot, and Sam could hear children playing in the courtyard. How could they possibly have any energy in this heatwave? She wanted to yell at them to get off her lawn—or more precisely, off her bark dust.
“So,” said Wil.


“Your idea was a good one.”

“It’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever had—marrying for money,” said Sam. Wil usually listened attentively to her silly plans and then never mentioned them again. Why was he stuck on this random idea of hers from months ago?

“But it’s not!” exclaimed Wil. “We go marry rich people, get a divorce settlement, and then end up back together again. Five years tops. We’ll barely be in our forties. What could be easier?”

“It’s immoral and cruel,” said Sam, hoping to shock him into stopping.

“Not if they are also getting what they want,” said Wil.

“So we whore ourselves out to old people?” asked Sam.

“Not necessarily just old people.”

“Jesus.” Sam put her head down on the table. “I can’t believe we’re seriously having this conversation.” Maybe if she didn’t look at him he would get bored and leave.

“It was your idea originally,” said Wil.

“It was a joke.” Sam raised her head and stared at Wil, trying gauge if he was joking. He didn’t look like he was joking.

Taylor Rush is published by Silurian Press.

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  1. Avid Reader, Amazon

    Quirky and Fun! Try a different kind of romance! This one is a fun, unique, light-hearted romance set in Portland, with quirky, hip humor and characters with foibles.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Such a great, fun book! The characters leave me hanging: what will happen next?!? Can’t wait to find out what’s in store…I hope the characters continue.

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