E-books on sale!

Mistakes Were Made CoverThis weekend, you can get both of Taylor’s e-books on sale at Amazon.com.

Her first book, Mistakes Were Made: a comedic romance is regularly $4.99, but is only $2.99 right now on Amazon. Get your copy today!

Best Laid Plans: a romance is available on Friday at only $0.99 (whoa!) instead of the regular $4.99, and the price will be gradually stepping up over the next few days. Get your copies (and share with your friends)!

If you enjoy Taylor’s books, please don’t forget to review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. By sharing why you liked the books and who you think might also enjoy them, you’ll help Taylor be a success!

Also, this is the final weekend for the print edition giveaway of Mistakes Were Made: a comedic romance on Goodreads. Enter for a chance to win a free copy!

Favorite things from the last week

  1. Comedy Bang Bang: thank god they only release one podcast a week. I would get nothing done.
  2. Radar PDX: lovely meal and drinks in Portland, OR.
  3. James Herriot: just what I need to relax in the bathtub before falling asleep. There’s nothing like descriptions of birthing lambs in an open field with blowing snow to make bed seem really fabulous.
  4. Bunk Sandwiches: I would engage in an inappropriate relationship with their chicken salad sandwich.
  5. Race for the Galaxy: information on Board Game Geek.
  6. Discovering McQuixote Books & Coffee and wanting to take a road trip to Louisville, Kentucky.
  7. Delicious Fennel and Kale Gratin from the New York Times — good for breakfast, too!
  8. Better Block PDX has some cool things planned for 2016.

How to read an e-book without an e-reader

Want to read an e-book, but you don’t have an e-reader? Not to worry, there are lots of options! And you can always wait for the print edition (at least of my books) if you prefer to read on paper. I find paper books much better for my favorite place to read, the bathtub.

Without further ado, my favorite non-e-reader ways to read e-books.

  1. On my phone with the Amazon Kindle App. This allows me to seamlessly read e-books I’ve purchased on Amazon and is quite handy for the bus.
  2. On another device with the Amazon Kindle App — your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer all options. I actually find my phone to be the easiest these days, but all the others are also options. Remember to use the same account to purchase the book and log into the Kindle App.
  3. Don’t want to purchase e-books from Amazon? Well, it gets a bit trickier. When my e-books aren’t in exclusive distribution with Amazon, you can purchase non-Amazon Kindle formats (.epub and .pdf). I find reading books with the epub files slightly easier to navigate than with PDFs.
    1. The EPUB files can be read with a variety of phone apps from the iTunes or Google Play stores.
    2. I like to read EPUBs with Calibre on my laptop computer
    3. The PDF file can be read with Adobe Reader as well as other PDF apps.

I hope this is helpful! Feel free to email Cat if you have questions about how to read an e-book or inquire in the comments.

An updated biography

As some of you know, my original biography did not quite line up with reality. This was a nice way for me to hide when I first started sharing my writing publicly. I’m now starting to true up my biography with my actual, boring life — tragically empty of guinea pigs.

You can read the new version (with an earlier bio appended at the end) on the biography page on this website as well as on Goodreads and Amazon.

I’ll be updating the e-book editions with the new biography over the next few weeks, as well as future print books. However, if you’ve got your hands on an older e-book or print copy, you’ve now got a limited-edition collectible on your hands!